Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seasons Change....

As we transition into summer, I'm happy and energized.... I love what summer has to offer!  Warm weather, green landscape all around, flowers and BBQ's, pools and friends.  All wonderful reminders of life and growth. 

And so it goes with life.  Much like the changing of seasons, our life is made up of transitions.  Whether it's moving from youth into adulthood or celebrating your 50th birthday, we all go through change.  As this happens, a psychological shift takes place that creates a variety of emotions.  Sometimes these emotions are incredibly intense and distressing.  As we allow the grief and sadness of the past give way to the excitement and joy of the future, we make way for greater things in our lives.

So take a minute.  Consider your current life transition.  Are you experiencing a change in your life that is causing conflicting emotions?  Take the time to grieve and then embrace the next season of your life.    

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